This episode, Tom Santilli interviews Anthony Baxter, the documentary filmmaker ("A Dangerous Game," "You've Been Trumped") whose latest film, FLINT: ...View Details

This episode, Tom Santilli interviews Sam Pollard, the Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker ("Mr. SOUL!", "Two Trains Runnin'") whose latest film, ML...View Details

This episode, Tom Santilli interviews Dr. Dorothy Lewis, featured subject of the documentary CRAZY, NOT INSANE which airs on HBO on November 18th, 202...View Details

This episode, Tom Santilli interviews Anthony Scaramucci and filmmaker James Fletcher, whose documentary THE ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT will be available on...View Details

This episode, Tom Santilli catches up with filmmaker Michael Frolichstein, whose documentary THE CELIAC PROJECT is now available on Amazon Prime Video...View Details

This episode, Tom Santilli catches up with fellow film critic ADAM GRAHAM of The Detroit News, as they discuss ALL things movies, and even a little bi...View Details

This episode, Tom Santilli hears from the CAST OF HAMILTON!!!  He also chats with two amazing actresses:  Emily Mortimer (star of new film "Relic") an...View Details

Host Tom Santilli chats with several Metro-Detroit-area restaurant owners and their responses to the ongoing pandemic. Guests include "Top Chef" fan-f...View Details

Follow Tom Santilli on Twitter (@tomsantilli) Read Tom's Winners At War Finale Recap here. 0:00 - Intro/ Finale Recap/Discussion 17:59 - Michele Fitzg...View Details

In Part 2 of a 2 part Podcast topic, host Tom Santilli chats with several local movie theatre chains - big and small - as to the state of the movie th...View Details

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